Wharfedale Titan Sub A15 MKII aktiiviisubwoofer 15" 400W RMS - 600W Peak - 129db


Wharfedale Pro Titan Sub A15 MKII aktiivisubwoofer 15" 400 rms / 600 peak 129dB SPL Max.

- D-luokan laatuvahvistin. Laadukas ja tehokas sekä DSP varusteltu kevyt keikka subbari  DJ:lle, esiintyjille, laitevuokraajille, kiinteäksi ravintolaan tai juhlatilaan.

- Pieni paino, iso äänentuotto, pehmeä ja jykevä bassontoisto, helppo roudata.  Mitat 455mm x 470mm x 630mm  sekä paino 26kg.

Tästä sopivat kokoalue aktiivikaiuttimet mukaan:  Titan AX15   Titan AX12

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Titan Sub A15 MKII

The new Wharfedale Pro Titan™ Sub-A15 MKII, a powerful active subwoofer system designed to produce high quality audio in any performance application. The Titan™ Sub-A15 MKII combines the newest technologies, materials and design topology to ensure absolute accuracy and high output.

Key Features

  • 400W RMS / 600W Peak
  • 129dB Max SPL
  • 45Hz – 150Hz frequency response
  • Custom Heavy duty moisture-proof 15" LF driver
  • Peak limiter that protects the amplifier and speaker from clipping
  • 0°, 180° PHASE switch
  • Thermal, DC fault and short circuit protection
  • Built-in crossover


Class D Amplification Technology
Our engineers have used class D technology on the Sub A15 MKII to make an efficient and lightweight subwoofer making for easy transportation and set up ideal for mobile DJs, bands and other musicians on the road. Qubit™ is our new powerful and precise 24-bit 192kHz DSP processing. With advanced adaptive multi-band dynamic processing and filtering Qubit helps fine tune your system to sound natural and open. Qubit processing optimises the loudspeaker to provide smooth digital crossover points that are perfectly aligned in terms of phase response and time-domain.


Configuration Band-pass subwoofer
Low Frequency Transducer 15"
Frequency Response 45Hz - 150Hz
Max SPL 129dB
Crossover / Filter 80Hz/100Hz/120Hz/150Hz/180Hz/200Hz (adjustable)
Enclosure Finish Black / Grey
Pole Mount Type 35mm insert
Input 2 x XLR Jack Combi
Output 2 x XLR
Protection Peak limiter, thermal, dc fault and short circuit protection
Net Weight 26.0kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 455mm x 470mm x 630mm


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