ALUTRUSS DECOTRUSS 2-tie kulmapala / 90 SAC-24


DECOTRUSS 2-tie kulmapala /\ 90° SAC-24, terästä. 2-way corner piece

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DECOTRUSS 3-point truss system made of steel.

The individual elements are connected via three M8 bolts and nuts.
The advantage of the bolt connection system is that these bolts and nuts are easily available in case of loosing fasteners.

The three main chords are made of 15 mm steel tube with 2 mm wall thickness and can only be used for decorative purposes.
With its minimal outer dimensions of 150 mm, DECOTRUSS is ideal for creating individual design-elements in decorative areas of private homes, fair booths, shops, discotheques and theatres.

This truss system is a mere decoration system convincing by its compact dimensions, low storage requirements and easy transportation.

Please note: this truss system must never be combined with other systems!


- Easy installation
- The DECOTRUSS elements are connected with each other by three M8 screws
- Phantastic creations through a variety of crossbeams and corners
- DECO-TRUSS can be suitabel for shop installers, fair installers etc in order to create individual design-elements
- DECO-TRUSS is available in silver
- DECO-TRUSS constructions are meant as design-elements
- Please respect the regulations in respect to trussing constructions


  • Trusspipe: 15 mm
  • For application areas such as: Shop fitting
Trusspipe: 15 mm x 1,5 mm
Color: Alu colored, powder-coated
Strut diameter x thickness: 5 mm solid matter
Dimensions: Length: 30 cm
Width: 30 cm
Height: 15 cm
Weight: 1,16 kg
1 4026397658538 1,19 kg 30,5cm x 30,5cm x 22cm
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