DASLIGHT DPAD stand alone Glass Pad 512 seinäpaneeli 512 kanavan DMX ohjain


DPAD 512 Daslight stand alone Lasipintainen DMX ohjain PAD, kosketusherkät nappulat.

512 DMX kanavaa. 312K muistia, virtalähde AC/DC kuuluu mukaan. Jos ei varastossa, yleensä 3-4 arkipäivää toimitus!

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DPAD 512

Daslight stand alone Glass Pad 512

 DMX Stand Alone Controller (512 channels) with a glass face • 4 touch sensitive buttons (on/off, mode, previous, next) • Up to 99 dynamic or static scenes • Live setting of the intensity and color of a scene • Programmable through the included USB cable and control software • Compatible with any DMX fixture or DMX LED driver • Ready to use (pre-loaded with 8 scenes and 170 RGB fixtures) • Latest ARM CPU technology • Customized design for OEM, wall mountable • 8 dry contact trigger ports on PCB and 2 on RJ45


DPAD 512 Datasheet
27/05/2016 1.8 Mb DPAD 512 Datasheet

The dpad range of interfaces offer the same Daslight programming software, but with a glass touch sensitive panel which can be mounted to a wall socket. Ideal for architectural installations, the dpad is the perfect control solution for dynamic lighting installations in clubs, bars, homes, buildings, monuments and commercial projects.dpad architectural packages

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Output channels 128 512 1024
Mode full full full
Connector Micro USB Micro USB Mini USB / RJ45***
Memory 32k 96k ∞ (SD card)
Dry contact ports 2 2 8
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*expandable up to 512 channels and FULL mode of the software separately. In Express mode, the software is limited to 32 steps per scene and 4 simultaneous scenes playing at a time.

**1536 via the 3 and 5 pin XLR connectors, 1536 via art-net using the ethernet socket on the computer.

***the RJ45 socket is used as an alternative to USB - this does not output art-net. The socket also allows the device to be controlled in Stand-Alone with the Easy Remote iPhone/iPad/Android app

****available as an upgrade on DMXSoft.com

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06/11/2018341.5 KbWarranty certificate
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