PIONEER DDJ-1000 4-kanavainen rekordbox DJ kontrolleri


DDJ-1000 4-kanavainen rekordbox kontrolleri on suunniteltu ottamaan kaikki irti uudistetusta rekordbox ohjelmistosta. Soittotuntuma on lainattu suoraan CDJ-2000nxs2 mallisarjasta. Laitteessa täysikokoiset jogit kappaleinfo näytöillä. 14 uudistettua efektiä sekä 16 RGB valaistua padia laukaisemaan efektit ja samplet.

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Tekniset tiedot:

Leveys: 708 mm
Korkeus: 73.4 mm
Syvyys: 361.4 mm
Paino: 6 kg
Äänikortti: 24 bit/44.1 kHz
Taajuusvaste: 20 - 20000 Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 112 dB
Kanavat: 4
Kanavien ohjaus: 4 / Dual
Jog Wheel: 202 mm alumiini
Jogin vastuksen säätö: Kyllä
Pad FX: Kyllä
Filter: High & Low Pass filtterit
Colour FX: Dub Echo, Filter, Noise, Pitch
Hot Cues: 16
Manual Loop: Kyllä
Auto Beat Loop: Kyllä
Beat Jump: Kyllä
Slip Mode: Kyllä
Talkover Function: Kyllä
EQ Isolator: Kyllä
Crossfader: Magvel
Fader Start: Kyllä
DJ ohjelmisto: rekordbox voucher pakkauksessa mukana

Ohjelmiston vaatimukset:

macOS High Sierra 10.13 (Updated to the latest version),
macOS Sierra 10.12 (Updated to the latest version),
OS X 10.11/10.10 (Updated to the latest version)

Windows® 10/ 8.1/ 7

Intel® Processer Dual Core i7, i5, i3
Intel® Processer Dual Core 2.0 GHz tai suurempi,

4GB tai enemmän


2 MIC (XLR & 1/4" TRS Jack, 1/4" TRS Jack)

2 USB B porttia


1 BOOTH (1/4 " TRS Jack)
2 PHONES (1/4" stereo jack, 3.5-mm stereo mini-jack)

The new rekordbox dj experience

Make the most of rekordbox dj’s enhanced new features with our dedicated 4-channel DJ controller. Featuring the professional layout inherited from the flagship NXS2 models, it’s the portable, compact solution for performing at parties and events. The DDJ-1000 features all-new high definition LCD screens on each jog wheel, allowing you to keep your eyes intuitively on the deck.

Fluidly select tracks you didn’t consider compatible thanks to rekordbox dj’s new Related Tracks feature. Bring creative flair to performances with 14 Beat FX - including four new versions - and instantly trigger Hot Cues, Loops and more with the 16 multi-coloured Performance Pads.

Key features:

Jog display

Customisable colour LCD On Jog Display screens are located in the centre of each jog wheel. Reveal only the information you need. Whether that’s BPM, waveform, playback position or Hot Cue and Loop points..

Club-style layout

Transitioning to this DJ controller is a breeze thanks to the familiar jog-wheels and layout, inherited from the club-standard CDJ and DJM flagship equipment. As a result, using rekordbox dj with the DDJ-1000 feels the same as playing from USB drives with a NXS2 set-up.


Highly durable for more than 10 million movements, the new MAGVEL FADER makes intricate performances feel easy. Plus, the refined software processing of the jog wheel and crossfader significantly reduces latency, so scratching feels more intuitive than ever.

Brand New FX

Add texture to your sets with four new Beat FX, entitled Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Triangle and Low Cut Echo, along with 10 of the most popular Beat FX from the DJM-series mixers. The DDJ-1000 ¬also features four Sound Color FX from the DJM-series mixers - Pitch, Filter, Dub Echo and Noise.

Performance Pads

Hit the 16 back-lit rubber Performance Pads to trigger Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump, Sampler, Keyboard Mode, Beat Loop and Key Shift at a touch.

Polished yet portable

With its aluminum and acrylic-finished top panel, the DDJ-1000 appears sleek and professional while still being compact enough to transport easily between events.

Full-sized jogs

The DDJ-1000's full-sized jog wheels are optimised for a perfect scratch response and you can use Jog Feeling Adjust to set your preferred resistance.

Well connected

This controller has 4 inputs for ultimate flexibility to connect to CDJs or analogue turntables and use as a stand alone mixer. You can also connect directly to professional PA equipment thanks to a Booth, 2 Master, and 2 MIC inputs.

rekordbox dvs

When you use our rekordbox dj DJ software, you can buy the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack to get low latency scratch control with music from your rekordbox library.

Key shift

Automatically change the key of your next track to match the master deck and shift keys up or down to mix any combination of tracks in perfect harmony.


Access 16 Hot Cues per deck with the PAGE feature. Switch between displaying cues 1-8 and 1-16 at a touch to trigger each of them in a single track.

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