SHURE PG56-XLR Dynaaminen mikrofoni

PG56-XLR Dynaaminen mikrofoni lyömäsoittimille, S-kuvio hertta, taajuusvaste 30Hz - 15kHz, A50D kiinnikkeellä ja XLR-XLR-kaapelilla
85,00 €
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PG56-XLR, Snare/Tom Microphone, herttakuvioinen dynaaminen virveli /omi mikrofoni A50D kiinnikkeellä ja XLR-XLR-kaapelilla

A compact drum microphone for close miking.

- Tailored frequency response is smooth and extended
- Tuned specifically for drum applications.
- Cardioid polar pattern picks up the most sound from in front of the microphone and some sound from the sides
- Less susceptible to feedback in high volume settings
- Dynamic cartridge has a simple, rugged coil
- Handles extreme volume levels without distortion
- Cartridge includes a neodymium magnet for high output level
- Internal shock mount for reduced handling noise.
- Durable metal construction
- Integral stand mount
- Hardened steel mesh tapered grille that resists wear and abuse
- Includes 15 ft. (4.57 m) cable, A50D drum mount and storage bag
- 50 Hz to 15 kHz

- Suggested Applications
- Snare Drums
- Rack/Floor Toms
- Percussion
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