OMNITRONIC TRM-202MK3 kaksikanavainen huippu DJ mikseri - EQ kill / 3-alue Isolator


OMNITRONIC TRM-202MK3 kaksikanavainen huippu DJ mikseri knob säätimillä, integroitu 3-alue Isolator,  2 Channel rotary mixer.

Tällä mikserillä viet miksaukset uudelle tasolle, knobeilla saat tarkkuutta miksaukseen joita ei perusmikserin fader säätimillä saa. 

Kill cut mahdollistaa totaalisen basso, keski tai ylä taajuuksien leikkaamisen Huom! Master & Booth XLR ulostuloilla + Rec out!

Tästä on paljon netissä arvosteluja ja kehuja! Uutuus 2017

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Sis. alv 24%
Helsingin myymälä: Saatavilla tilauksesta nopeasti (2-14 vrk)
Tulossa: 16.09.
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Huom! Kun tilaat vähintään 295 eurolla, saat toimituksen ilmaiseksi!


Back to the roots

For some time now, rotary mixers have been making a big comeback in the world of electronic dance music. The TRM-202 MK3 from Omnitronic offers the DJ all the classic features of a rotary mixer with its ALPS knobs (Blue Velvet RK27) and the built-in 3-band frequency isolator.
Smooth transitions
The high-quality components provide a good and appealing sound. The large knobs of both channels allow very smooth transitions, which are difficult to set with a conventional mixer (with faders). For both channels, you can switch between 2 x line & phono inputs or sources. A microphone input is also available. The isolator's kill characteristics completely eliminate bass, midrange, and treble for creative mixing.

Recording your own set
Due to the booth output and a separate volume control, the use of the TRM-202 MK3 in the club is no problem. Thanks to the record output, it is also possible to record your own DJ set.

Woodkits made in Italy

Andrea Bano a.k.a DJ Baxx from Italy produces with his company Omni custom-made woodkits for our TRM-202MK3 2-channel rotary mixer. In his online shop you can choose between seven different kits.
All woodkits and further information about the woodkit product can be found here:
  • Classic rotary mixer with 2 input channels and integrated 3-band frequency isolator for DJs
  • Gain control, 2-way equalizer (Highs/Lows) and phono/line switching per channel
  • Dedicated boost and kill cut
  • Kill cut feature allows DJs to completely remove low, mid and high frequencies for amazing mixing
  • Vintage ALPS potentiometers (Blue Velvet RK27)
  • High-grade components ensure long life and excellent sound quality
  • DJ microphone input with separate level control
  • Prefader listening to input channels and the master output via adjustable headphones output, with cue mix/split function
  • 12-digit stereo LED level meter and master level control
  • Booth output with separate level control
  • Inputs: 4 x line and 2 x phono (RCA L/R), DJ microphone (XLR) and headphones (jack)
  • Outputs: master and booth (XLR/RCA L/R), record (stereo RCA)
Technical specifications
Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Line: 20 dB
Phono: 60-75 dB
Mic: 44 dB
Max. output level: 22 dBu
Frequency range:
Line: 20-20000 Hz
Phono: 40-18000 Hz
Mic: 20-20000 Hz
S/R ratio:
Line: 85 dB
Phono: 77 dB
Mic: 80 dB
Line: <0.03 %
Phono: <0.1 %
Frequency isolator: -~ to +9 dB
Lows: 20 Hz to 300 Hz
Mids: 300 Hz to 4 kHz
Highs: 4 kHz to 20 kHz
DJ microphone: XLR
Headphones output: 6.3 mm jack (min. 32 ohms)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 190 x 250 x 107 mm
Weight: 2.75 kg
Power consumption: 6,5 W
Height: 10,7 cm
Depths: 25 cm
Width: 19 cm
Valmistajan Tuotenumero10355922
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