DURATRUSS DTM-C300-6x4/BL Molton taustakangas Leveys 6m Korkeus 4m


DTM-C300-6x4/BL Molton taustakangas Lx K 6x4 metriä.

- Kiinnitys purjerenkailla joiden etäisyys 25cm purjelenkit on 6m sivulla

- DIN EN 13773 palosuojattu 300g/m2 painoinen tukeva kangas.

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DTM-C300-6x4/BL Molton taustakangas 3x4 metriä. kiinnitys purjerenkailla joiden etäisyys 25cm. DIN EN 13773 palosuojattu 300g/m2 painoinen tukeva kangas.

Koko: 6m x 4m
Kankaan paino: 300g/m²
Väri: Musta


DuraTruss DTM-C300-6x4 / BL - High quality stage molton B1
The Duratruss stage molton is a European quality product. Only the highest quality materials are used in the production and weaving is carried out on the latest high-tech machines. This guarantees a constant quality and longevity of the products.
Duratruss Molton is available in different fabric thicknesses. Simple and light 160g / m² fabrics are suitable for covering storage items or walls. The low weight also allows the use of large pieces.
For opaque suspensions, so-called backdrops e.g. To achieve on stages, 300g / m² of fabric is mostly used. These also contribute to improving the acoustics, which is very important, especially in large rooms. The backdrops are loosened on one side at a distance of 25cm. The sides are sewn to the left and right with a stable fabric edge and the lower end is provided with a hemstitch that is open on the side. As a result, rods can be inserted to weigh the molton, which pull the molton smooth.
Duratruss also offers a selection of the most common sizes for cladding stage platforms. These are particularly easy to attach and remove using a Velcro strap at the top. On the left and right is a stable fabric edge and at the lower end the fabrics are provided with a hemstitch that is open on the side. This allows rods to be inserted for weighting, which then pull the molton very smoothly and cleanly.
For large-scale applications, Duratruss also offers bale goods in 160g / m² and 300g / m². This can be easily adapted to the respective requirements.
All Molton products offered by Duratruss (DTM series) are flame retardant impregnated in accordance with DIN 4102 B1 / EN 13773 / French. M1 tested. They are therefore permitted on stages, in theaters and studios.

DuraTruss DTM-C300-6x4/BL - Molton curtain

Top-mounted fixing eyes (25cm eye distance)
Down-mounted diameter: 10mm
hemstitch | 2 x seamed sides

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