MONACOR MKS-48/WS Kaiutinpari 15W 8Ω


MKS-48/WS Kaiutinpari 15W 8Ω katto-, seinä- ja kulma-asennukseen SPL 1W/1m 87dB, 100-20000Hz, mitat 195 x 145 x 140mm, paino 1,5kg

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Pair of wall/ceiling/corner mount speaker systems, 30 WMAX, 8 ?
These really universally mountable speakers allow a perfect integration into most versatile indoor mounting positions. Interesting possibilities due to the optional creation of a cluster with 1-4 elements, from ceiling suspension in a corner to a hemisphere of wide radiation in the middle of the wall or ceiling. The sound of the pure white speakers is adjusted in such a precise way that it provides a complete sound of high quality, no matter in which position the speakers are placed.

White ABS cabinet
High-quality 10 cm full range speaker
Variable support and mounting system

Impedance 8 ?
Frequency range 100-20,000 Hz

Power rating 30 WMAX, 15 WRMS
SPL (1 W/1 m) 87 dB
Dimensions 195x145x140 mm
Weight 1.5 kg

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