Antari B-200 MEGA saippuakuplakone DMX ja kaukoohjain


B-200 MEGA saippuakuplakone, voidaan ripustaa tai laittaa lattialle 

DMX-ohjaus tai langallinen ajastinkauko-ohjain (lisävaruste, tilattava erikseen) 4 pyörää, kolme puhallinta. Lisää vain kuplaneste, niin saat mahtavat kuplat aikaiseksi. Saatavilla tavallista kuplanestettä 1:n ja 5:n litran purkeissa sekä UV nestettä eri väreissä.UV-kuplat HOHTAA mustavalossa. Käyttökohteet: muotishow:t, discot, ja karnevaalit sekä erilaiset juhlat ja tapahtumat. Mitat 425 x 250 x 200mm, paino 11kg

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ANTARI B-200 Bubble Machine

To say the B-200 is a high output bubble machine is too modest. It features four "double bubble wheels" which generate a massive, continuous torrent of bubbles. The set of three fans at the back of the unit spread the bubbles far and wide. Designed with lighting designers, large clubs and theatrical productions in mind, this bubble machine has DMX on-board. This provides for central control on B-200's bubble generation. The machine can also operate with/without optional timer and wireless remote controls. With its large fluid reservoir, the B-200 will pack the venue with bubbles as long as the party lasts.

B-200 Bubble machine  Bubble machine with DMX interface for the mega parties 

  • Enormous output via four bubble wheels
  • 3 ventilators distribute the bubbles
  • Metal housing with movable mounting bracket
  • Easy refilling of the bubble fluid
  • Control via integrated DMX interface or supplied timer cable remote control BCT-1
  • Functions of the BCT-1: timer with interval, duration, continuous output, manual activation
  • Low power consumption
  • Ready for operation with power plug - simply fill in fluid and you are ready to go!
  • Power connection: Mains input IEC connector (M) mounting version Power supply cord with safety plug (M) (provided)
  • Control: Wireless remote control (optional)
  • Control: Wired remote control
  • Control: DMX
Technical specifications
DMX connection: 5-pin XLR
Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 100 W
Tank capacity: 1,5 l
DMX channels: 1
Power connection: Mains input IEC connector (M) mounting version Power supply cord with safety plug (M)
Control: Wireless remote control (optional)
Wired remote control
Width: 25 cm
Height: 20 cm
Depth: 42,5 cm
Weight: 10,75 kg
Packaging units
1 4719850651039 12,20 kg 54cm x 35cm x 37cm
1 4026397174946 12,20 kg 54cm x 34,5cm x 36,5cm
User manual
51705125-Manual-15778-1.300-de_en.pdf (675 KB) 1.300 de_en
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Manufacturer Sku51705125
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