Aria X2 DMX Bridge


Introducing the Aria Wireless Management System for Advanced Lighting Control at the Shop or in the Show. Aria, the future of wireless lighting management, is here to transform your experience with unparalleled control,
efficiency and ease. This comprehensive system harnesses cutting-edge technology to offer you a solution that adapts
to your needs and provides a harmonious lighting experience, whether on show site or in the shop.

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Frequency Agility:
Aria modules boast the capability to transmit and receive signals on
standard 802.15.4 channels, both in the 2.4GHz and 915MHz (U.S) or
2.4GHz, 868MHz or 863MHz (Europe) spectrums. This agility guarantees
top-notch network performance even in crowded environments. Units can
seamlessly switch between spectrums, ensuring network reliability.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Configuration:
Aria simplifies device setup with BLE, enabling you to configure settings
directly from the fixture menu. BLE also offers auxiliary functions such as
individual DMX channel adjustments, opening doors to creative control

OTA Updates:
Keep your Aria system up-to-date with Over-The-Air (OTA) updates for Aria
firmware, fixture firmware, and fixture menus. A cloud repository stores
these updates, and the service app efficiently retrieves them, with future
multi-hop DMX support enabling mesh network updates.

Frequency Hopping:
Aria modules will implement a frequency hopping scheme, enhancing
network reliability and reducing user configuration requirements. This
innovation optimizes spectrum utilization, providing a seamless and efficient
lighting experience (available: TBA).

Remote Device Management (RDM):
Available: TBA.

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