BEAMZ Phantom 3500 PRO Laser max teho 3500 mW


Phantom 3500 PRO Laser max teho 3500 mW, takuuteho 3000 mW, punainen 700 mW / 638 nm, vihreä 700 mW / 520 nm, sininen 1600 mW / 445 nm, luokka 4, analoginen RGB-modulaatio, 30K:n nopea optinen skanneri 8°, max skannaus 60°, esiohjelmoituja ohjelmia, ILDA-yhteensopiva ja portti tietokoneohjausta varten, DMX-ohjaus 13 tai 25 kanavaa, automaattinen tila, ääniohjaus sisäänrakennetulla mikrofonilla ja herkkyys säädettävissä, master slave -toiminto, laitteen takana LED-toimintanäyttö ohjauspanelilla, mitat 280 x 270 x 174mm, paino 8,4kg

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BeamZ Professional Phantom 3500 Pure Diode Laser RGB Analog

The Phantom 3500 has a guaranteed output power of 3W and a max output power of 3.5W full colour Red, Green and Blue. This show laser light provides an analog modulation. It means a better colour fading and a much broader colour. Combining that much power with its precision 30K graphics scanners, whereby accuracy and beam shape is extremely advanced, so these units are suitable for high professional applications. The laser can be controlled over ILDA and DMX or run stand-alone in auto or sound activated mode. You can produce the exact effect you want with the DMX and ILDA control. With a fog machine, you can see the beams crystal clear in air. This one will rock the whole space for an amazing light beam show. This makes it suitable for any kind of application - fixed installations, mobile use, multimedia projects, long distance outdoor applications and extra precise graphics projections.

Red (700mW), Green (700mW) and Blue (1600mW) Powerful laser
Guaranteed 3W output
Analog RGB colour modulation
30K high speed optical scanner system
X- and Y-Size inverter
DMX and Stand-alone mode
13 or 25 DMX channels
Master/slave function
Sound activated with adjustable sensitivity
Auto mode
Pre programmed shows
DMX in/output via 3-pin XLR
Control panel with LED display
Powerconnector input

Interface DMX + ILDA
Consumption 150W
Power rating Guaranteed 3000mW - Max 3500mW
Laser Class 4
Laser Red 700mW @ 638nm
Laser Green 700mW @ 520nm
Laser Blue 1600mW @ 445nm
Scanner system 30kpps @ 8°
Max. Scan Angle 60 degree
DMX channels 13Ch & 25Ch
Power supply 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Dimensions 280 x 270 x 174mm
Weight 8.4kg



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