Decksaver Pioneer DJ XDJ-RR


Patented smoked/clear transparency, unique to Decksaver. Protects against dust, liquid and impact. Shields vulnerable faders, switches and knobs during transportation.

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Safeguard your Pioneer XDJ-RR DJ controller with the ultimate protection of the Decksaver cover. Engineered and designed in the UK, this cover is tailored specifically to fit the XDJ-RR, providing an essential layer of defense against dust, spills, and accidental impacts. Whether you’re a mobile DJ, a club performer, or a studio enthusiast, the Decksaver cover ensures that your valuable gear remains in pristine condition, ready to deliver exceptional performances.

Crafted from super durable polycarbonate, a tough and transparent plastic renowned for its hard-wearing qualities, the Decksaver cover offers unparalleled protection for your XDJ-RR. Its precision trimming guarantees a perfect fit, covering every delicate control, button, and fader on your controller, while still accommodating cables for effortless setup and connectivity.

The XDJ-RR is packed with advanced features that cater to the needs of modern DJs. It features a 7-inch full-color touchscreen display, providing intuitive control over various functions, including track browsing, waveform visualization, and advanced beat and tempo manipulation. The Decksaver cover safeguards this valuable screen from scratches, dust, and accidental impact, ensuring optimal visibility and operation.

With the XDJ-RR’s dual USB ports, you have the flexibility to connect and switch between two laptops, allowing for seamless DJ transitions and collaborative performances. The Decksaver cover protects these USB ports, shielding them from debris and potential damage, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted connectivity.

The mixer section of the XDJ-RR offers comprehensive control over your audio, with a 3-band EQ, filter, and a range of performance-oriented effects. The Decksaver cover shields these controls from dust and spills, preventing any damage that could affect their functionality and performance. Additionally, the cover protects the XDJ-RR’s jog wheels, pitch faders, and crossfader, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

Transporting your Pioneer XDJ-RR is made easy and worry-free with the Decksaver cover. Its compact and lightweight design allows it to slide effortlessly into your backpack, gig bag, or flight case. Whether you’re traveling to a club, going on tour, or simply moving between studio sessions, the Decksaver cover ensures maximum protection during transit. Say goodbye to the stress of potential damage and focus on what matters most – your performance.

The transparent design of the Decksaver cover allows you to showcase the sleek aesthetics of your XDJ-RR. It acts as a second skin, preserving the visual appeal of your controller while safeguarding it from the elements. Display your XDJ-RR with confidence, knowing that it is protected by the reliable and trusted Decksaver cover.

Invest in the Decksaver cover for your Pioneer XDJ-RR and experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable protection. Don’t compromise on the longevity and performance of your valuable gear. Let the Decksaver cover be your shield, preserving the pristine condition of your XDJ-RR and allowing you to focus on delivering unforgettable DJ sets and performances.

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