ELED IOS & Android controllable RGB LED-strip (TOM AY™ Limited Edition Bundle) - LC 5050 30LED/m 7,2W/12V/IP64


ELED's really spectacular and bright, phone-controlled TOM AY ™ limited edition LED-strip bundle!

Brighten your home, office, retail space, studio or any other space with a really flashy LED strip set which can be controlled with your mobile phone and comes with everything you'll need; 5m LED strip, power supply with a plug and bluetooth receiver for your mobile phone.

| Illustrative power: ( lm / LED ): 10-12 | Supply voltage: 12V | Dimensions: 5000x10x1.4 mm | IP rating: IP64 | LED / m: 30 <TAG: > 75 | Can be cut every 100 mm |

Bundle includes: 1x ELED 12V 3A power supply, 1x Eled RGB led tape with bluetooth APP receiver and 1x MW LIGHTING LC 5050 30LED/m 7.2W LED strip with RGB colors 12V IP64

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Easy to install, normal power 7.2W/m multi color LED strip - set for interior installations! The RGB strip can be used both to create a mood and as a regular light source. The RGB strip has 30 leds/meters, and each color (red, green, blue). This allows you to create multiple colors on the ribbon. Suitable for installation in all dry spaces!

The tape is very easy to install: the connectors in the socket transformer and the LED strip are connected to the ready-to-right counterparts in the phone receiver belonging to the bundle. That is, the phone receiver is installed between the transformer and the tape. The phone application can be used to change the color and brightness of the leds on the tape. Everything you need to use the tape can be easily found in this bundle.


  1. Connect the socket transformer connector to the receiver.
  2. Connect the 4-pin connector of the RGB strip to the receiver.
  3. Connect the power outlet transformer to the mains.

After that, the tape is installed in place using the 3M adhesive surface on it.

Note! There is REALLY a limited amount of these bundles!

Delivery content

  • Led tape, 5 m roll / Normal power 7,2W/m
  • Eled phone bluetooth receiver for IOS & Android
  • Power supply with plug

Technical specifications

  • Tape length: 5 m
  • Tape width: 10 mm
  • Cut-off distance: 10 cm
  • Tape power: 7.2 W/m - 5 m = 36 W
  • Operating voltage of the tape: 12 V
  • IP rating: IP64
  • Ribbon color: Multicolor RGB
  • Warranty: 12 months

Quick guide

The connection of the LED strip is very simple. The connection of the LED strip is possible even from an ordinary citizen.

The tape has a high-quality adhesive surface ready, which makes it easy to attach to different places. Before the actual installation, it is good to model the LED strip for its future location to see how the light is directed.

Connecting in stages:

  1. Fit the tape to the upcoming spot. Here it is good to turn on the currents to see how the light behaves.
  2. Install the possible installation chute/list into place.
  3. Cut the tape to the appropriate length. Glue it in place.
  4. Connect the plugged power supply connector to the phone receiver.
  5. Connect the 4 pin connector of the LED strip to the receiver of the phone.
  6. Connect the power supply to the mains.

The ribbon shows the cut-off points with small scissors, from which the tape can be cut off if necessary, if the whole five meters do not need or want to be installed. The cutting points on the tape are approximately every 5 cm. There are also connectors for LED strips to allow the tape to continue after cutting. For example, if in the kitchen intermediate space it is not possible to install a strip on the stove, put a connector and twist the stove with a wire. All LED strip accessories can be found conveniently in Discoland store or online store.

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Manufacturer SkuTOM AY™
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