ENTTEC Pixel tape RGBW 30 LED-metrillä 5V


Pixel tape RGBW 30 LED-metrillä 5V valkoinen nauha on 5m pikseleittäin ohjattavaa led nauhaa. Vaatii erillisen Pixellator reitittimen sekä injektorin virtasyöttöä varten.

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Pixel tape 5m led strip!

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• Available in three different densities: 30, 60 and 144 Pixels/Metre
• Designed for ENTTEC Pixie Driver
• Up to 27 Watt/Metre
• Up to 586 Lumens/Metre
• In-built WS2812 & WS2812B compatible chips into 5050 RGB LEDs
• Each pixel can achieve 16,777,216 full colour display and scan frequency non less than 400Hz/s
• 3M adhesive double side tape at the back
• Built-in data signal reshaping circuit
• 5V DC input supply voltage
• Flexible construction material

The tapes come in five metres reels, and can be cut by

Due to continuous improvements and innovations of all
ENTTEC products, specifications and features are subject
to change without notice

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