EUROLITE MD-1515 Peilipallon moottori 10-45cm


MD-1515 Peilipallon moottori 10-45cm pallolle, turvavaijerin pikalenkillä. Sisältää Suko pistotulpan, jännite 230-240V suoraan kytkettävissä verkkovirtaan. Mitat pohjalevy 120mm, korkeus 85mm sekä paino 0,4kg.

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This solid mirror ball motor can carry a load of up to 4 kg. This equals a mirror ball of approximately 40 cm, safety margins included. The motor has a speed of 1.5 RPM (rotations per minute). This creates a peaceful effect, especially when you choose for a pin spot to shine on the mirror ball.

The motor is equipped with a patented mechanical drop protection against unintentional loosening of the axis as well as the required second eyelet for the attachment of the safety chain.
All Eurolite safety motors comply with the safety norm DIN EN ISO 12100 and relevant accident prevention regulations. Each production charge is subject to strict quality control which makes the motor suitable for discotheques and other public events.

Mirror ball motor for mirror balls up to 40 cm diameter

  • The maximum load always means the mirror ball weight including chains and the fixation material
  • 2 chains and 4 quick links must be ordered separately
  • 1,5 rotations per minute
  • The motor always has to be installed with a secondary safety attachment
  • Before taking into operation for the first time, the installation has to be approved by an expert
  • Control via plug and play
  • Suitable for a mirror ball with a diameter of up to 40 cm
  • For application areas such as: Clubs/dancing school

Package contents

  • 1 x motor, 1 x chain link, 3 x mounting material, 3 x screw, 1 x user manual
Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 4 W
IP classification: IP20
Protection class: Protection class I
Power connection: Fixed power supply cord with safety plug
Cable construction: 3 x 0,75 mm² H05VV-F
Cable length: Approx. 0,9 m
Rotation: 1,5 RPM - 1,8 RPM , 360 ° forward/backward
Control: Plug and play
Maximum load: 4 kg
Max. mirror ball diameter: 40 cm (EUROLITE)
Housing color: Black
Diameter mounting holes: 3 x Ø5mm
Material: Metal
Dimensions: Height: 9 cm
Diameter: Ø 10,8 cm
Weight: 410 g
Chain link
Material: Steel
Color: Silver
Dimensions: Diameter: Ø 2,5 mm
1 4026397285468 0,45 kg 12cm x 13,5cm x 10cm
30 4026397285475 14,15 kg 48cm x 38cm x 30cm
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Manufacturer Sku50301300
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