EUROLITE MD-1515 Peilipallon moottori 10-45cm


MD-1515 Peilipallon moottori 10-45cm pallolle, turvavaijerin pikalenkillä. Sisältää Suko pistotulpan, jännite 230-240V suoraan kytkettävissä verkkovirtaan. Mitat pohjalevy 120mm, korkeus 85mm sekä paino 0,4kg.

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Peilipallon moottori Safety-malli eli turvavaijerin kiinnitys moottorin ja pallon välillä

- Kierrosnopeus arviolta 1,25 - 1,5 minuutissa, riippuen jännitteestä
- 10-45cm palloille

Mirror ball motor

- Suitable for driving mirror balls up to a maximum weight of 4 kg
- This weight corresponds with a diameter of 45 cm for the EUROLITE mirror balls
- The maximum load always means the mirror ball weight including the mirror ball chain and the fixation material
- 1,25 - 1,5 rotations per minute
- Ready for connection with power plug
- For professional use, e.g. in discotheques and in public places, the EN DIN 15560 norms have to be considered
- The motor always has to be installed with a secondary safety attachment

Technical specifications

Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz ~
Power consumption: 4 W

Max. load WLL (4-fold): 12 kg
Max. load BGV C1 (8-fold): 6 kg
Max. load BGV C1 (10-fold): 5 kg
Max. load BGV C1 (12-fold): 4 kg

Max. diameter of mirror ball: 45 cm (EUROLITE)
Rotation-speed: approx. 1.5 RPM

Diameter of base plate: 120 mm
Height: 85 mm
Weight: 0.4 kg

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Manufacturer Sku50301300
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