EUROPALMS 80cm Orkidea väri valkoinen deco-ruukussa


80cm Orkidea väri valkoinen deco-ruukussa. Aitojen nykyisten orkideoiden esi-isät olivat olemassa maapallolla jo noin 80 miljoonaa vuotta sitten. Tämä tuote on tekokukka, ei siis aito kasvi.

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The wild beauty of orchids has always fascinated humans. However, orchid plants are also considered to be very demanding and sensitive.
"Light, but no direct sun", "Avoid draughts", "Fertilize regularly, but not too much", "Diving instead of watering - but only with rainwater", these are just some of the care instructions that often prevent us from buying these exotic plants.
The artificial orchid from Europalms, however, is completely undemanding and does not blame you for any mistakes in its care.
It has 3 flower stems of different lengths with textile flowers that feel waxy when touched and therefore hardly differ from the real plant. Closed PE buds are located at the tips of the flower stems. Slightly bent, the plant reaches a total height of approx. 80 cm.
Leaves of EVA material and aerial roots complete the lifelike appearance.
The artificial plant is particularly suitable for window or counter decorations in residential and business areas.
The plant is supplied already in a natural stone optics pot (approx. 16cm diameter).

EUROPALMS Orchid, artificial plant, white, 80cm

Orchid with white coloured flowers in a natural stone optic decorative pot
The article is ready for use
Positioning: Design planter
With white colored beautifully flowers

Material: Textile
Color: white
Flowers: Color: white
Leaves material: EVA soft plast
Height: 80 cm
Diameter: 16 cm

1 PU 1,47 kg, 56cm x 17cm x 17cm

Laadukkaat Europalms tuotteet kestävät käytössä ja ovat tyylikkään näköisiä
- Laaja valikoima tuotteita sivuillamme
- Erillinen Europalms tuotekuvasto saatavilla

- Cemented pot/Gardening pot tarkoittaa, että kasvi on valettu muoviseen istutusruukkuun/puutarhurinruukkuun!
- Ei sisällä kukkaruukkua, jos siitä ei erikseen mainita!
- Ruukku tilattava erikseen!
- Tuotteita ei ole palosuojattu.
- Palosuojaukseen sopivaa palosuoja-ainetta, katso Liittyvät tuotteet

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