LASERWORLD EL-200RGB Laser max teho 200 mW (Poistuva tuote)

EL-200RGB Laser max teho 200 mW, punainen 60 mW / 650 nm, vihreä 25 mW / 532 nm, sininen 60 mW / 445 nm, säde 3 mm / 2 mrad, 30°, luokka 3B, peruskuviota 50, stand-alone, sound-to-light, DMX, mitat 175 x 395 x 85mm, paino 3,9kg
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RGB laser system with a triple aperture for red, green and blue laser beams

Total Power typical: 200 mW
Guaranteed power: 145 mW
Power Red: 60 mW / 650 nm
Power Green: 25 mW / 532 nm
Power Blue: 60 mW / 445 nm
Beam Specifications: 3 mm / 2 mrad
Laser Sources: Diode, DPSS Laser
Laser Class: 3B
Operation Modes: Stand-Alone, Sound-to-Light, DMX
Scanner: high-speed stepper motors, up to 2-5kpps
Scan Angle max.: 30°
Basic Patterns: 50 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.)
Accessories: power cable, manual, interlock, key
Power supply: 85-250 V AC
Power Consumption: 60 W
Dimensions: 175/395/85 mm
Weight: 3.9 kg


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Katso STUK Säteilyturvakeskus, Strålsäkerhetscentralen, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority linkit alla

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