LEE FILTER Master Location Pack sisältää 36 kalvoa 250x300mm


LEE FILTER Master Location Pack sisältää 36 kalvoa 250x300mm

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Master Location Pack

Lee Master Location Pack; Contains practically everything you need to handle any lighting situation;

CTO to convert daylight to tungsten;

CTB to convert tungsten to daylight;

Greens to match fluorescent tubes and a wide variety of effects filters to add colour to backgrounds and accent lights;

Plus the most popular diffusions, scrim and black foil;

in total 36 sheets (250 x 300 mm) out of 25 different filters: 1x LEE 106, 1x LEE 126, 1x LEE 181, 1x LEE 187, 1x LEE 188, 2x LEE 200, 2x LEE 201, 2x LEE 202, 2x LEE 203, 2x LEE 204, 2x LEE 205, 2x LEE 206, 2x LEE 210, 2x LEE 216, 1x LEE 219, 1x LEE 244, 1x LEE 245, 2x LEE 250, 2x LEE 251, 1x LEE 270, 1x LEE 280, 1x LEE 720, 1x LEE 738, 1x LEE 775, 1x LEE 791

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