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Blue UV Neon lipstick brings your lips to life with UV Neon lipstick! Bright neon-colored daylight, brilliantly bright under UV lighting. Made in the UK to the highest standards, the product has not been tested on animals.

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UV-NEON Lipstick Blue

Blue UV Neon Lipstick Tube. Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, White and Purple, also available in pastel shades for lip painting. Easily washable with water. Dries quickly in a few seconds. NEON GLOW is also visible in daylight, but UV enhances its visibility in low light.


- UV Neon color appears bright without UV light
- Black-light UV enhances the neon effect
- Very wonderful at children's parties, UV parties and as a booster for all parties.

UV- NEON Lipstick Blue

Bring your lips to life with our Neon UV Lipstick! UV Neon Lipstick Bright, neon & fluorescent long lasting Lipstick.


How to use:
Apply generously to lips. After use, simply remove using make up wipes.

Why Moon Glow?
All Moon Glow Cosmetic and special effect products are made right here in the UK! All of our Cosmetics are cosmetically certified and conform to EU1223 / 2009. Moon Glow products are never tested on animals.

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Manufacturer SkuM8053
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