Nicoleaudie Dina - DR2 DIN DMX ohjain 1024 kanavaa


The DINA-DR2 is built on the latest generation of lighting controllers from Nicolaudie Architectural and combines all our recent innovations. Designed for DIN rail mounting, the DINA-DR2 is the perfect solution for mid-range lighting installations. Delivered with 1024 DMX channels, the controller can be ugraded to 1536 by adding a 3rd DMX universe.

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ESA Pro 2 is the latest generation of Nicolaudie’s programming software for lighting control. Designed from scratch, it offers a range of powerful features and an ergonomic design. Whether you’re using Mac or Windows, ESA Pro 2 has you covered. Let’s explore some of its key features:

  1. Automations: ESA Pro 2 allows you to create dynamic effects by automating properties like color, dimmer, and saturation. You can define linear curves on timelines to smoothly transition between different states. For example, an effect’s dimmer can fade from 0% to 100% over time.

  2. Timelines Editor: Scenes are built using timelines, making it easy to construct your show. Drag and drop various effects—static or dynamic—onto the timelines to create captivating lighting sequences.

  3. Pixel Mapping: Position your LED fixtures in your installation and map them to pixels using different shapes. This enables you to play multiple effects across the fixtures, enhancing visual impact.

  4. Full Colors Management: In addition to RGB colors, ESA Pro 2 supports various color mixing systems such as RGBW, RGBA, white-only, and tunable white. You can create stunning effects on any color configuration.

  5. Multi-Zone Programming: The software allows you to manage lighting in different zones, offering flexibility for complex installations.

  6. Standalone Mode: ESA Pro 2 works seamlessly with the DINA-DR2 controller. You can program scenes, triggers, and configurations directly on the controller without needing a computer connection.

  7. Nicolaudie Cloud Integration: Nicolaudie Cloud is a secure web service that lets you manage your lighting controller remotely. Update firmware, adjust settings, and modify programming from anywhere in the world.

Here are some technical details about the DINA-DR2 controller:

  • Dimensions: 106 x 91 x 59 mm
  • Weight: 180g
  • DMX Channels: 1024 (upgradable to 1536)
  • RDM Support: Yes
  • Micro SD Card: Included
  • Power Voltage: 8-15V DC
  • Power Connector: Screw terminal
  • Triggering Ports: 8+3 (including clock/calendar triggers and Ethernet integration)
  • Remote Control Apps: iOS/Android compatible

The DINA-DR2 has been used in various projects worldwide, demonstrating its reliability and versatility. 

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