OMNITRONIC - Aktiivinen äänentoisto setti - BOB-10A sub + 2x BOB-4 top - DSP - 900w rms - Musta


OMNITRONIC - Aktiivinen äänentoisto setti - BOB-10A sub  +  2x BOB-4 top  - DSP - 900w rms - Musta

Todella kätevä, laadukas ja kompakti äänentoisto moneen käyttötarkoitukseen. Keikalle, ravintoloihin, kiinteään asennukseen tai vuokralaitteistoon. 

Laajennettavissa 1+4 tai 1+8 järjestelmäksi. Yläkaiuttimet helppo suunnata halumaan suuntaan jolloin saadaan tasainen äänentoisto tilaan. Lisäosina saatavilla:

BOB-4 top yläkaiuttimet 2kpl setti lisäksi

BOB-4 Extension Bracket - kiinnitys sarja kaksi BOB kaiutinta päällekäin

BOB-4 Stand adapter - Kaiutinjalustaan adapteri jolla saa BOB kiinni


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One for all

With the boxes of the BOB-series you get a compact, efficient and economical PA-system, which is suitable for various applications. Use it as a full-range PA for small gigs, as a keyboard or e-drum monitor, for installation or as a compact system for DJs. Whatever you are up to: BOB always delivers a clear, assertive sound while taking up little space.
The BOB speaker system ensures that you and your guitar are heard in excellent audio quality. Simply plug the satellites into the subwoofer with the pole on and you're ready to go. Never before has a gig been set up so quickly!
Choose a BOB speaker system to entertain your audience of up to 50 people. In the blink of an eye, you can mount your speakers on a pole and a tripod stand that allows you to perfectly align your satellites with your audience. You can also use BOB as your personal monitor. The "Twin Set" with two BOBs is the perfect package for your performance in front of up to 100 people.
DJ and Party
For small parties you are ideally equipped with a BOB. Connect the two satellites to a compact mono system with higher sound pressure or separate the two in a stereo rig. If the party turns out to be a bigger thing, simply connect two BOB subs with a simple stereo cable. No matter what, with BOB you're ready.
Restaurant, Shop and Gym
Up to eight top speakers can be operated with one subwoofer. You can therefore also realise installations, for example in small cafés, gyms or shops. With BOB, you stay flexible and adjust your installation to the size of your room, even if it changes over time.
Lectures and Presentations
The BOB system is also ideal for presentations and lectures. In most cases you only need the basic system for presentations and speeches. Simply place the satellites on the subwoofer and you're ready to go. Or mount the satellites on a tripod to align the system with the audience.
Desktop-Recording and Gaming
Do you need monitors to work or play on your PC? With BOB you have a reliable 2.1 monitor system. Place two satellites on your desk while the subwoofer disappears in an unobtrusive place under the desk.
Home Cinema
The BOB speaker system is an excellent alternative to the speakers integrated into your TV set. Place the satellites right next to the screen or mount them on the wall with the combined tripods or wall mounts for a true cinema experience.
Set consisting of:

1x  OMNITRONIC BOB-10A Subwoofer active white
2x  OMNITRONIC BOB-4 Top 16 Ohm white

 OMNITRONIC BOB-10A Subwoofer active white

10" subwoofer with DSP and Bluetooth for the BOB series

  • 10" bassreflex subwoofer with DSP and 600 watts RMS power
  • Flexibly extendable with BOB-4 satellites for 2.1, 4.1 and 8.1 configurations
  • DSP-controlled class D amplifier (300 W + 2 x 300 W)
  • Integrated Bluetooth audio streaming
  • 4 EQ presets with indicators
  • Signal limiter and crossover
  • Signal inputs via combo jacks (XLR/6.3 mm jack) and RCA
  • Parallel XLR outputs for linking further BOB systems or active systems
  • Separate volume controls for subwoofer and satellites L/R
  • Stereo/mono selection
  • Phase reversal switch
  • Fault, limit, signal and power indicators
  • Built-in protection circuits: soft start, short-circuit, limiter, overcurrent, overheat
  • Two M20 metal flanges for mounting satellite speakers
  • MDF enclosure with scratch-resistant lacquer surface and steel grille
  • Built-in handles and low weight for ease of transport
  • Stackable via recesses when set up horizontally
  • Delivery includes two speaker cables
  • For mobile live and DJ applications and installation in bars, stores, conference rooms and home theaters
  • Power supply of device: Mains Input Socket (M) fehlt provided
  • DSP: Digital signal processor
  • Control: Bluetooth

 OMNITRONIC BOB-4 Top 16 Ohm white 2x

2 x 4" satellite speakers with bracket for the BOB series

  • 16-ohm speaker pair with 4" full-range speaker
  • For use with BOB-10A subwoofers for 2.1, 4.1 and 8.1 configurations
  • Incl. 2 x U-bracket for wall, ceiling and stand installation
  • Optional stand adaptor required for stand mounting
  • Extension U-bracket and cable available for connecting 2 satellite speakers
  • Rated power: 75 W RMS/150 W program
  • Connectors: 1 x speaker and screw plug terminal
  • ABS plastic cabinet with M8 and M10 threaded inserts
  • Scratch-resistant lacquer surface and steel grille
  • Transport bag for 4 satellites, brackets and cables optional
Technical specifications

11038871 OMNITRONIC BOB-10A Subwoofer active white

Power supply: 115/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 1060 W
Amplifier power: LF 300 W RMS + HF 2 x 300 W RMS
LF speaker: 25 cm (10") with 50 mm voice coil
Frequency range: 45-250 Hz
Sensitivity: 100 dB
Maximum SPL: 125 dB
Signal input: combination XLR/6.3 mm jack L/R and RCA L/R
Parallel output: XLR L/R
Satellite: Speaker L/R
Dimensions (L x W x H): 470 x 300 x 430 mm
Weight: 16.5 kg
Weight: 17,00 kg
Size of woofer: (10") ca. 25 cm
Frequency range: 45 - 250 Hz
Number of bass-woofer: 1 Pc/Pcs
Width: 30 cm Bass
Height: 43 cm Bass
Depth: 47 cm Bass
Material: MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) Bass
Color: White

11038873 OMNITRONIC BOB-4 Top 16 Ohm white 2x

Components: 10 cm speaker (4") with 25 mm voice coil
Frequency range: 150-16000 Hz
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Maximum SPL: 109 dB
Impedance: 16 ohms
Connection: 1 x speaker and screw terminals
Dimensions (L x W x H): 160 x 150 x 158 mm
Weight: 1.7 kg
Weight: 4,00 kg
Size of woofer: (4") ca. 10 cm
Number of bass-woofer: 1 Pc/Pcs
Rated power: 75 W RMS
Program power: 150 W
Frequency range: 150 - 16000 Hz
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Height: 15,8 cm Top
Depth: 16 cm Top
Width: 15 cm Top
Color: White

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