OMNITRONIC RCA-liitin uros, pari musta ja

RCA-liitin uros, pari musta ja punainen, kullan värinen runko max 5,4mm kaapelille
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Professional RCA plug

- Spring loaded ground contact: retractable element with separate wedge contacts which keeps the shell in the front position when engaged thus also providing a direct and strictly coaxial electrical connection from the socket via the shell to the cable shield.
- All metal design
- Machined brass
- Black ceated shell
- Easy assembly and soldering (large soldering area, rapid-flow plating)
- High grade plastic insulator with high creep resistance.

Rated current: 16 A
Rated voltage: 50 V ac
Insulation resistance: >100 GOhm
Dielectric strength: 1500 V DC
Capacitance (pin to shell): 7 pF
Cable anchoring: NEUTRIK© chuck principle
Cable OD range: 3.0 - 5.5 mm (blue chuck) and 5.5 - 7.3 mm (black chuck)
Max. wire size: 2.5 mm² / 14 AWG
Solderability: complies with IEC 68-2-20
Shell: Brass CuZn39Pb3 black coated
Contact pin: Brass CuZn39Pb3 0.5 mm Au plated
Ground contact: Brass CuZn39Pb3 0.5 æm Au plated over 5 æm Ni
Chuck: Polyacetal POM
Insulator: PBTP
Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C
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Manufacturer Sku3020445N
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