Pharos BPS UK Button Panel Station UK Black-on-Black


The Pharos Designer BPS (Button Panel Station) is a versatile eight-button station with integrated button LEDs that works with any Pharos Designer

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Finishing touches

The stylish BPS is available in a range of finishes and there are two variants for compatibility with either US or UK back boxes. Install is easy and convenient as the BPS only requires a single Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) network connection.

Pharos Designer Wall Stations and Remote Devices can be used with the full range of Pharos Designer Controllers, providing additional functionality

The Pharos BPS provides a simple interface for any project, allowing buttons to trigger actions within the project

Button LED states can be altered during live operation through the Designer Trigger functionality

Sleek Design

An embossed magnetic overlay sits within a low-profile bezel that is only 5.5mm thick to give a sleek finish with no visible fixings. Both the bezel and the overlay are available in a variety of colours. There are two variants for compatibility with either US or UK back boxes.


Up to 200 Remote Devices can be combined with one or more Pharos Designer Controllers on the same network to build the ideal system for your installation. Each Remote Device is easily addressed using a convenient thumb wheel. Whether one controller or many, it’s all easily programmed using our Designer 2 software. Read more

Designer Trigger

Designer Trigger is a rules engine that uses conditional logic and a broad range of interfaces and protocols so you can control your lighting with responsive, reactive programming. Send and receive any command, to and from any system. Conditional logic is supported, along with a powerful built-in scripting language for unlimited flexibility


The function of each of the 8 buttons is freely programmable and the system can detect press, hold, repeat and release events.


Each button has a white LED indicator with fully user-controllable brightness and a choice of visual effects such as fades, fast or slow flashing or ramps.

Power over Ethernet

As a PoE device, the BPS can be placed at any remote location and only needs a single Ethernet cable that provides both power and data.

Learning IR

The BPS may be taught to recognise up to eight different IR codes from a standard infrared remote control. When one of these keys on the remote control is pressed the BPS will treat that as a press on its own button.

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