POWERDYNAMICS PD625 aktiivikaiutin 2x 15 PD6-sarjan isoin teho kaappi - 135db - 800rms / 1600w peak


PD625 aktiivikaiutin 2x 15" PD6-sarja on korkealuokkainen, ammattimainen, vanerirakenteisten kaiutinten sarja. Viimeistelty mustaksi maalatulla kumipäällysteellä joka suojaa kaiutinta kuljetuksen aikana. PD6 tarjoaa kustannustehokkaan ratkaisun ammattimaisiin sovelluksiin. PD625ssa on 800W musiikkiteho joka tuottaa 135dB äänenpaineen. PD625ssa on neljä ekvalisaatio-moodia, tasainen, DJ, contour sekä puhe. Sisäänrakennettu limitteri estää clippauksen sekä musiikkisi säröytymisen. Mitat 467 x 435 x 1123mm sekä paino 38.8kg.

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PD625A Active Speaker 2x15"

The PD6 series is a series of high-quality professional speaker cabinets in a strong and durable plywood housing. Finished with a black painted rubber coating to protect the cabinet during transport. The PD6 series are ideal for rental and touring use and deliver enough output for large venues and events. They are an extremely cost-effective solution for professional applications.

This active 2x15" PA speaker has a music power of 800W, generating an acoustic pressure level of 135dB. The PD615A features a selectable 4 preset modes for Flat, DJ, Contour and Voice sound settings. The built-in limiter provides security against clipping and distortion of your music.

800W Bi-amplified 2x15" speaker
1.75" Titanium compression driver
Line and mic input
Built-in 2-way active crossover
4 Preset EQ settings
Efficient class-D amplifier
Angled design for use as stage monitor
Plywood housing with strong rubber coating

Technical specifications

Peak power 1600W
Power max. 800W
Power rms 600W
Internal Amplifier power Class D 550W + Class AB 50W
Impedance 8
Frequency response 35Hz - 20kHz
Crossover frequency 3.3kHz
Sensitivity 106dB
SPL max 135dB
Woofer 2x 15''
Driver 1.75'' Titanium
Voicecoil 3'' (Woofer)
Dimensions 467 x 435 x 1123mm
Weight 38.8kg

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