SHOWTEC DMT Proscreen manual Valkokangas 169, 2656

DMT Proscreen manual Valkokangas 16:9, 2656 x 1494mm 120". Tässä kankaassa 160 asteen katselukulma 1.0 gainilla, laadukas kangas lasikuituvahvistuksella, sekä ainutlaatuisella mekanismilla. Kiinnitys seinään kiinteästi tai kattoon ripustamalla. Kiinnikkeissä portaaton leveyden säätö.
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DMT SR/SL System for manual Proscreens.
All DMT Proscreens with manual operation are equipped with a Speed Reducing and Self Lock (SR/SL) system ensuring comfortable use at anytime.
The Speed Reducing mechanism allows to control the friction in order to maintain an average rolling speed. The screen retracts slowly and smoothly.
The Self Lock function allows the user to lock the screen at any position.
Simply hold the screen 3 seconds at the desired position and the screen will lock on its own.
The DMT Proscreen series offers a simple yet elegant design, with functionality set as an upmost priority. This next generation Proscreen series utilizes a new single piece aluminium alloy structure. The new structure greatly increases structural integrity and a tighter construction which allows the screen to be sturdier and have a smooth operation.
Innovative and easy installation methods are suitable for all types of environment.

All Proscreen screens have matte white fabric. The weaved fiberglass layer of the fabric is used as a backbone of the entire screen structure.
With this layer DMT's matte white fabrics have a stretching rate of less than 1% and a much longer life-span than ordinary materials. The fiberglass backing will not cause any wrinkling or waves due to changes in temperature, humidity or drag forces.
The treated and specially designed surface layer of the fabric ensures vivid and dynamic reflections. The microdots and materials used help create images, which are high in contrast and rich in colour.
Viewing angle of the matte white fabric is 160 degrees at 1.0 gain.


Aspect: 16:9
Size (diameter): 120"
Viewing Area: 2656 x 1494 mm
Length: 2831 mm
Height: 2052 mm
Weight: 17,6 kg
Gain: 1.0
Viewing Angle: 160
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Manufacturer Sku100358
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