SHOWTEC Infinity iS-100 - 100W Moving Head


Infinity iS-100 on voimakas LED moving head, lastattu täyteen viimeistä huutoa olevaa teknologiaa joka on lounteenomaista infinitylle. Sen voimakkaat moottorit, sekä korkeaudessa että kallistuksessa, mahdollistavat nopeat liikkeet ja voimakas 100W LED valonlähde tarjoaa kirkkaan ja kiinteän säteen. Lisäksi edistyksellisesti muotoiltu värikiekko takaa tasaisen värinvaihdon sekä kahden värin yhdistelmät. Laitteessa lisäksi: 2 gobo-kiekkoa joista toinen kiinteä kahdeksalla metalligobolla ja toinen seitsemällä pyörivällä gobolla, värikiekko kahdeksalla värillä + valkoinen tarjoten mahdollisuuden kahden värin yhdistelmiin, lris sekä pyörivä kolmisivuinen prisma. Mitat 303 x 306 x 485 mm Paino 16,5kg


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Showtec Infinity iS-100

The iS-100 is a powerful LED moving head, fully equipped with high-end technology, which is characteristic for Infinity®. Its high torque motors, on both pan and tilt, enable fast movements and a powerful 100W LED engine offers a bright and solid beam. Also, the trapezium shaped color wheel ensures smooth color changes, fades and split colors

Additionally the iS-100 features:
- 2 gobo wheels:
- one fixed wheel with 8 metal gobos
- one rotating wheel containing 7 separately rotating gobos, 2 of which are glass
- Color wheel with 8 colors + white, offering the possibility to create half colors
- For extra effects it is equipped with an iris as well a rotating 3-facet prism.


Lux @ 1m: 52400
Beam Angle: 15°
Light Source: 100W White LED (LumiEngine)

Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC
Power consumption: 220W max. at full output

On-Board: Battery powered full color display including gravity sensor
Battery lifetime: max 30 days (full charge)
Mode: DMX, Auto & Master/Slave
Control Protocol: DMX512
Control Personality: Advanced 19ch /Basic 16ch
Wireless DMX: optional available

Optical system
Dimmer: 0-100%
Strobe: 0-20Hz
Focus: Motorized
Iris: Motorized
Prism: rotating 3-facet prism

Pan: 540°
Tilt: 270°
Pan/Tilt resolution: 16 bit
Special: Pan/ Tilt, Color,Gobo change blackout,User-selectable Pan & Tilt ranges, 540°/360°/180°, Reverse Pan / Tilt movement

Gobos & Colors
Gobowheel 1 Rotating: 2 glass + 5 metal gobos (replaceable)
Gobowheel 2: 8 metal gobos
Gobo functions: Gobo-flow effect,Gobo shake
Rotation: Bi-directional
Gobo inner diameter: 23mm
Gobo outer diameter: 27mm
Colors: 8 dichroic-filters + white
Color functions: Split colors, Rainbow-flow effect

Color: Black
Housing: Metal & Flame-retardant plastic
Fixture Connection: XLR 3&5p Data in/out, Powercon power input
Dimensions (WxDxH): 303 x 306 x 485 mm
Weight: 16,5 kg

Certification and Safety
Certification: CE
Max. ambient Temp.: 40°C


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