EUROLITE MD-1015 Peilipallon moottori Nopeus 1,5 rpm ilman pistoketta


MD-1015 Peilipallon moottori Nopeus 1,5 kierrosta minuutissa, ilman pistoketta 70cm johdolla, 5-30cm palloille

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Peilipallon moottori ilman pistoketta

- Kierrosnopeus 1,5-kierrosta minuutissa
- 5-30cm palloille

This solid mirror ball motor can carry a load of up to 3 kg. This equals a mirror ball of approximately 30 cm, safety margins included. The motor has a slow ration speed of 1.5 RPM. This creates calm, relaxing effects, especially when you choose for a pin spot to shine on the mirror ball. This product is available with or without plug. The mounting material must be ordered separately.

Motor for mirror balls up to 30 cm with 1.5 RPM

  • Suitable for driving mirror balls up to a maximum weight of 3 kg
  • This weight corresponds with a diameter of 30 cm for the EUROLITE mirror balls
  • The maximum load always means the mirror ball weight including the mirror ball chain and the fixation material
  • 1,5 rotations per minute
  • Delivered with open cable-ends
  • For professional use, e.g. in discotheques and in public places, the EN DIN 15560 norms have to be considered
  • The motor always has to be installed with a secondary safety attachment
  • Before taking into operation for the first time, the installation has to be approved by an expert
Technical specifications
Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 4 W
IP classification: IP20
Protection class: Protection class I
Power connection: Fixed Supply cord with open wires
Length of the cable: 0.85 m
Rotation: 1.5 RPM
Maximum load: 3 kg
Max. mirror ball diameter: 30 cm (EUROLITE)
Height: 5.8 cm
Diameter: 10.8 cm
Weight: 0.32 kg
Packaging units
1 4026397223750 0,36 kg 12cm x 6,5cm x 13,5cm
User manual
50301100-Manual-94876-2.100-de_en.pdf (179 KB) 2.100 de_en
Valmistajan Tuotenumero50301100
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