GLOBALTRUSS F34 P 25cm stage black - 4-pistetrussi pituus 250mm - putki 50mm - Musta


F34 P 25cm stage black - 4-pistetrussi, pituus 250mm -  50mm putken paksuus - Musta, 3mm seinämävahvuudella ja kartioliitoksilla. Hinta sisältää kartiot, kiilatapit ja sokat aina yhteen päähän.

  • Length: 25 cm
  • Pipe diameter: 50 mm
  • Wall thickness: 3 mm
  • TÜV Certified
  • Conical connectors included
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The F34P truss series by Global Truss is a TÜV approved 4-point system with an external dimension of 29cm. Due to its perfect load capacity in relation to its weight and dimensions this system is one of the most commonly used. Exhibition stands and shop fittings as well as stage roofs and other outdoor applications can be built with the trusses of the F34P system. Due to the higher wall thickness compared to the F34 truss it offers a greater load capacity, nevertheless both systems are compatible. The system offers a maximum span of up to 18 meters.
The F34P truss is built with 50 x 3mm main tubes and 20 x 2mm diagonal braces of aluminium. The truss pieces are connected with the included conical connectors. This truss and all other Global Truss series can be powder coated in every RAL colour.

TÜV approved
Conical connectors included


Colour Schwarz
TÜV certificate No
Material Al EN AW-6082 T6

Technical Data

Number of points 4-Punkt
Edge dimension 29 cm
System F34P
Type straight
Truss length 25 cm

main pipe

Diameter main pipe 50 mm
Wall thickness main pipe 3 mm


Diameter Brace 20 mm
Wall thickness Brace 2 mm


Dimensions (L/W/H) 250 x 290 x 290 mm
Weight 4,0 kg

Shipping data

Dimensions (L/B/H) 250 x 300 x 300 mm
Weight 5,00 kg
PU 1
EAN 4042659045502

Valmistajan TuotenumeroF34025P-B
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