GLOBALTRUSS Teleskooppipoikkitanko 1,9 - 3,0m


Teleskooppipoikkitanko 1,9 - 3,0m

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The variable cross bar of 1.90m - 3.00m length adjustable. It is easily attached to two vertical telescopic rods.

This curtain system, a total of three different heights (6.00m max.) And three different lengths of crossbars (max. 3.60 m) available. All components can be freely combined.

Moreover, there is the optional possibility to place with appropriate accessories also double crossmember for the slightly heavier curtains or blinds to overlap. Also, two different bottom plates may be used within the system. The system is due to the special bags, ultra compact packaging and easy to transport.

This system is specifically designed to remove large areas from one another or covering stage situations and unpleasant stage back sides by curtains elegant or to conceal. Also inputs or the like can be elegantly embellished, for example, at glamorous galas, award ceremonies or theatrical performances.

Dimensions (L/B/H) 1950 x 50 x 50 mm
Weight 1,92 kg
PU 6
EAN 4042659139959

Valmistajan TuotenumeroCC50202
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