IMG STAGE LINE SP-38A/500BS 15 Subwoofer 500W RMS


SP-38A/500BS 15" Subwoofer 500W RMS 8?, 3-3500Hz, 97dB/W/m

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with extra low limit frequency, but at the same time of optimum high efficiency, mechanically ultra-stable due to double centering spiders.
Professional PA subwoofer, 500 W, 8 ?

Double centering
High efficiency despite extra low possible limit frequency
Long excursion
Extra high power capability
For any professional application, from discotheque to stage as well as mobile operation, as the required volume is still quite small

Klang+Ton 01/2016
"The MenhirL is an extra transparent speaker. It provides a dynamic and pleasant sound for most versatile applications. We can experience a very emotional sound with this speaker which meets every requirement - that's how a speaker should be."

Reader's project MenhirL in the Klang+Ton using SP-38A/500BS, MRD-300 and AKB-400DSP

Impedance (Z) 8 ?
Frequency rangef 3-3,500 Hz
Resonant frequency (fs) 37 Hz
Rec. crossov. frequ. (fmax.) (12 dB/oct.) 3,500 Hz
Music power (PMAX) 1,500 WMAX
Power rating (PRMS) 500 WRMS
Sensitivity 97 dB/W/m
Max. voltage-
Radiation angle-
Suspension compl. (Cms) 0.16 mm/N
Moving mass (Mms) 107 g
Mech. Q factor (Qms) 4.37
Electr. Q factor (Qes) 0.38
Total Q factor (Qts) 0.35
Equivalent volume (Vas) 168 l
DC resistance (Re) 6 ?
Force factor (BxL) 18.25 Tm
Voice coil induct. (Le) 1.6 mH
Voice coil diameter 100 mm
Voice coil former Kapton
Linear excursion (XMAX) ±6 mm
Eff. cone area (Sd) 855 cm2
Magnet weight 2.6 kg
Magnet diameter
Mounting cutout Ø 355 mm
Mounting depth 156 mm
Mounting hole diameter
Dimensions Ø 385 mm x 160 mm
Outside diameter
Weight 9.9 kg

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