OMNITRONIC ACS-410BTS aktiivinen kolumni kaiutin BT ja mikseri


Aktiivinen kolumni kaiutin järjestelmä, mikseri, bluetooth, subwoofer 310W x 100W  10" subwoofer ja kolumni samassa paketissa

- 10" subwoofer, aktiivi 410W RMS, karaoke, DJ, trubaduuri, lounge ääänentoisto. 

- Loistava soundi 18kG, helppo siirtää  pienikokoinen 410 x 335 x 570 mm.

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The ACS-410BTS is an active column PA system with a high-power subwoofer with 2-channel class D amplifier module and a full-range column speaker for mobile applications.
The system offers two mono inputs (XLR and 6.3 mm jack) for microphones and line sources, one stereo input (RCA and 6.3 mm jack), as well as one AUX input for portable audio players. You can stream music wirelessly from your mobile devices via Bluetooth. The amplifier supplies a power of 310 W and 100 W and is protected with a limiter against overload. The column speaker mounts on top of the subwoofer with the included telescope bar. The integrated stereo Bluetooth link allows for wireless stereo operation with 2 systems linked together.

The ACS-410BTS is your active column PA system for mobile applications. It consists of a powerful subwoofer speaker with 2-channel amplifier module and a full-range column speaker.
The system has two mono inputs (XLR and jack) for microphones and line sources, a stereo input (jack and RCA) and an AUX input for portable audio devices. You can also transfer your music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet to your speakers - simply via Bluetooth! The amplifier delivers 310 W and 100 W and is equipped with an overload limiter.
The column module can be easily mounted on the subwoofer cabinet with the supplied telescopic rod. Do you need more? No problem: The integrated stereo Bluetooth function allows two systems to be linked wirelessly..

Mobile column PA system with stereo Bluetooth link, 410 watts

  • Highly portable column PA system with 410 watts power
  • Clear, dynamic sound and wide coverage for DJs, musicians, presenters and events
  • Stereo Bluetooth link for wireless stereo operation with 2 systems linked together
  • 10" bassreflex subwoofer with class D amplifiers (310 W + 100 W)
  • Column speaker with 6 x 2" drivers
  • Integrated Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Built-in 6-channel mixer
  • 2 mono inputs mic/line with 2-band EQ and adjustable reverb
  • 1 stereo line input
  • 1 stereo AUX input connects any non-Bluetooth device
  • Volume control per channel
  • Master level control with limiter indication
  • Subwoofer with M20 threaded flange and locking features for secure transport of column speaker and distance tube
  • MDF enclosures with scratch-resistant lacquer surface, impact-resistant steel grille and carry handles
  • Total weight just 18 kg
  • Delivery includes variable distance tube, speaker cable and power cable

Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 400 W
Amplifier power: 310 W RMS LF, 100 W RMS HF
LF speaker: 10"
HF speaker: 6 x 2"
Frequency range: 45-20000 Hz
Crossover frequency: 220 Hz
Mic/line: combination XLR/6.3 mm jack
Line: RCA and 6.3 mm jack
Aux: 3.5 mm jack
Monitor: RCA
Speaker: speaker, 4 ohms
Dimensions (L x W x H): 410 x 335 x 570 mm
Weight: 18 kg
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