OMNILUX MR-16 35W Halogeenilamppu GX5.3 12V 11° 2500K SP FMT+C 2000h himmennettävä


OMNILUX MR-16 35W Halogeenilamppu GX5.3 12V 11° 2500K SP FMT+C 2000h himmennettävä

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OMNILUX MR-16 12V/35W GX-5.3 SP 11° FMT+C

More light at a same performance by higher coiled filament temperature
Longer lifetime by permanent filament renewal (tungsten parts bond to the gaseous halogene parts even before reaching the glass bulb
The temperature circulation has the effect that the tungsten parts precipitate again on the filament
Constant light during lifetime, as no bulb blackening occurs
Comfortable and fresh, white light
Dimmable (blackening of the glass bulb in case of dimmed operation is eliminated by a short operating time at full voltage)
Different illumination angles for different application areas
Low power consumption
Average lifetime 2000 h
Special lamp with 50mm reflector
Reflector with coverglass, therefore UV protection
High durability
Color temperature: 2500 K

Lamp type: Halogen lamp
Lamp type: Clear lamp
Lamp type: Low voltage lamp
Lamp type: Sealed beam lamp
Lamp type: Halogen lamp
Lamp type: Self-shielded lamp
Lamp type: Cool Beam lamp
Base: GX5.3
Voltage (lamps): 12 V
Nominal wattage: 35 W
Color of light: White
Dimmable: Dimmable
Operating voltage (lamps): 12,, V
Weight: 0.02 kg
Ecodesign regulation: Yes
Energy efficiency class: D
Rated power: 35.00 W
Energy consumption: 35.00 kWh/1000h
EU energy labels printed on the carton may be wrong.
The correct energy efficiciency class is available from the manufacturer's system.

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