PROEL FREE6LT siirrettävä kaiutin mikserillä ja langattomalle headsetillä


Free 6LT antaa vapauden akkukäytöllä sekä BT vastaanottimella varustettu siirrettävä kaiutin, varustettu mukana tulevalla langattomalla Headsetillä

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PROEL FREE systems gives you the freedom to perform your music or play your sound anywhere without worrying about where to plug the power cord, how to connect your MP3 player or how to set your microphone.
FREE6LT is a battery powered combo sound systemswith a full set of features and the sound you don't expect from this kind of products. It includes a versatile MP3 player with USB port, SD slot and BLUETOOTH connection, featuring a large LCD and remote control.
FREE6LT is hosted in a compact and road-proof PP cabinet that provides maximum portability and protection and it is fitted with an adapter for standard speaker stand.
With a powerful 80W amplifier, a 2-way configuration with 6.5" woofer and horn-loaded compression driver and the built-in UHF wireless microphone offers, in an extremely compact package, the best portability combined with a surprisingly loud and well-defined sound. With its two Li-ion 12V rechargeable batteries it ensures 4.5 hours of mains-free operation.

  • All-in-one battery powered sound system
  • License-free UHF wireless module (863-865 MHz) with handheld microphone
  • Built-in MEDIA PLAYER with USB port, SD slot and BLUETOOTH audio connection, LCD display and IR remote control
  • 2 MIC/LINE + 1 STEREO LINE inputs, 1 LINE output
  • TONE control
  • 80W built-in amplifier
  • 1" horn loaded compression driver and 6.5" woofer
  • Li-ion batteries with 4-5 hours working time
  • Compact and light-weight PP cabinet for maximum portability, with one handle and adapter for standard speaker stand
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