PSSO K-215SE Pro 2-tie passiivikaiutin 130dB - 600/1200W dispersio 80x 60 astetta


K-215SE 12" 400W passiivikaiutin 130dB dispersio 80°x 60°

- Todella laadukas passiivikaiutin  15" bassolla ja 1,5" torvella, 600w rms 1200w pgm 8ohm, Celto Acoustics elementeillä!

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Pro PA speaker with 15" woofer, 1" horn and 600 W RMS, 8 ohms
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K-215 15" 400W Pro PA kokoääni passiivikaiutin 130dB dispersio 80°x60° Celto elementeillä!

The K-Series
The K-Series includes 6 tops, 8 subwoofers and 3 monitors. It is designed for small to medium-sized events with a high demand on sound fidelity. This is ensured by the built-in loudspeakers of the European manufacturer CELTO Acoustique.
Tops and Subwoofers
In addition to the four 2-way tops from 8" to 15" and the double 15" model, each with a rotatable 1,5" horn, there is also the high-power version K-215SE with 2.8" voice coil. The matching bass reflex subwoofers are available in single (12", 15", 18" and 21") and double (10", 12", 15" and 18") versions.
Housing made of 15 mm birch plywood
Parallel Neutrik Speakon connectors
Passive 2-way crossover
Bassreflex system

Monitor boxes
The 2-way coaxial monitor boxes are available in three versions: 10" with 1" voice coil, 12" with 1.4" voice coil and 15" with 2.8" voice coil.
Housing made of 15 mm birch plywood
Parallel Neutrik Speakon connectors
Flange for stand installation
Passive 2-way crossover

The K series can be used for both mobile and permanent installations and is fully equipped with Neutrik connectors.

Pro PA speaker with 15" woofer, 1,5" horn and 600 W RMS, 8 ohms

  • Rugged full-range top speaker, qualified for suspension and touring applications
  • Housing made of 15 mm/18 mm birch plywood
  • 38 cm (15") bass speaker with diecast aluminum basket
  • Rotatable constant directivity horn tweeter with titanium diaphragm
  • Horn exit 38 mm (1.5")
  • Voice coil 72 mm (2.8")
  • Premium custom-made drivers by European manufacturer CELTO Acoustique
  • Passive 2-way crossover
  • Bassreflex system
  • Parallel Neutrik Speakon connectors
  • Trapezoidal multi-functional housing with scratch-resistant lacquer surface
  • Impact-resistant steel grille with acoustic foam
  • Dual-angle-Flange for stand installation
  • Applications: standing, as monitor, on a subwoofer or speaker stand, suspended
  • European engineering
Technical specifications
Rated power: 600 W RMS
Program power: 1200 W
Frequency range: 47 - 19000 Hz
Sensitivity: 99 dB (1W/1m)
Max. SPL: 127 dB
Dispersion angle: 80° x 50°
Crossover frequency: 1500 Hz
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Connections: Input: 2 x Speakers via 2-pin speakON mounting version (F)
Speakers: 1 x woofer (15") approx 38 cm
  1 x Horn (1.35") appox 3,5cm
Use of brands: Celto Acoustique driver; Built with NEUTRIK connector
Width: 44.5 cm
Height: 71 cm
Depth: 41.5 cm
Weight: 29.45 kg
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