ACCU-CASE ASC-AC-142 Suojalaukku litteille Flat


ASC-AC-142 Suojalaukku litteille Flat par heittimille MitatL: 620mm W: 330mm H: 340mm?, ASC-AC-117. Soveltuu mm. Flat Par TRI7, Flat Par TRI 18, Mega Profile Par, P12, P5

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ASC-AC-142 Suojalaukku litteille Flat par heittimille tai valoefekteille

Saves valuable transport space by allowing fixtures to be stacked without having to be boxed.
-Secure "view Windows" on Accu Cases make it easy to identify specific fixtures even after they´ve been packed, or place your business card in the window for personal identification

L: 620mm W: 330mm H: 340mm

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