ADJ Avante A10X 10" active speaker


The Avante Audio A10X part of the Achromic series, is a 10-inch, 2-way active loudspeaker designed for delivering exceptional audio quality for all your events. This powerful loudspeaker packs a punch with an impressive 1000W peak power, consisting of 250W Class D (LF) and 50W Class AB (HF) RMS, and a frequency range of 70hz-20kHz. 

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Built-in with digital signal processing (DSP), the A10X features an easy-to-use LCD screen and multiple presets to customize your audio output. With the selectable time-out function, you can save energy and extend the lifespan of your speakers by setting an auto shut-off timer. The A10X is compatible with the Achromic X iOS APP, which lets you remotely control your speaker settings from your iPhone or iPad, giving you the convenience of adjusting your audio from a distance. Its Bluetooth® 5.0+ audio connection enables wireless connection of the Achromic X APP or streaming of music from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The A10X is built for durability and portability, with a H-PP molded enclosure and a 1.2mm steel grill. It also comes with two fly points on top and one on the back, a dual-position pole mount, and a top handle for easy transport. With a peak SPL of 121dB and a nominal coverage of 90° x 60°, the A10X is perfect for small to midsize events. Its balanced female XLR ¼-inch combo jack and 2x RCA (phono) inputs provide you with the flexibility to connect to a variety of audio sources. The A10X is made of durable high-tech plastic and weighs in at only 25 lbs. This light weight, versatile loudspeaker delivers exceptional audio quality, making it perfect for mobile entertainers and event producers or installations into bars, restaurants, lounges and small nightclubs.


LF: 10" with 2" voice coil

HF: 1" HF Compression Driver

Output (Peak SPL @ 1m): 121dB

Frequency Range: 70hz-20kHz

Nominal Coverage: 90° x 60°

LF: 250W RMS Class D

HF: 50W RMS Class AB

Built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with LCD screen, EQ & multiple presets. IOS APP for remote control of settings.

Selectable time-out function

Bluetooth® 5.0+ audio connection enables wireless connection of the Achromic X APP or streaming of music from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop

Inputs: Balanced Female XLR / ¼-inch combo jack, 2x RCA (phono), 1x 3,5mm TRS

Output: Balanced Male XLR

H-PP Molded enclosure

Grill: 1.2mm Steel

Handles: 1 on top

Fly Points: 2 on top / 1 on back (all M10)

Pole Mounting: Dual position 0° or 7.5°

Power Input: 120V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz (country specific)

Power Consumption: 400W

Dimensions: 530x310x299mm

Weight: 11.3 kg.

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