AKG CGN99 CL 50cm joutsenkaula kondensaattorimikrofoni


AKG CGN99 CL 50cm joutsenkaula kondensaattorimikrofoni soveltuu kirkkoihin sekä muille etäältä puhuville.

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The CGN99 C/S and CGN99 C/L, part of the DAC Series, are condenser gooseneck microphones with a cardioid polar pattern. They are specially designed for inexperienced speakers who talk into the microphone from widely varying angles.

The rugged gooseneck is available in two different lengths (C/S: 30cm (12in); C/L: 50cm (20in) and ideal for fixed and mobile installations. CGN99 C/S and CGN99 C/L come with an integrated XLR phantom power adapter with 250Hz bass rolloff. The phantom power adapter connects to any standard mixer input with 9V to 52V power supply.

The CGN99 C/S and CGN99 C/L


Audio Frequency bandwidth 70 to 18000 Hz
Equivalent Noise Level 21 dB-A
Signal to Noise 73 dB-A
Bass Cut Filter 250 Hz
Electrical Impedance 600 Ohms
Recommended Load Impedance 2000 Ohms
Powering Interface
Voltage 9 to 52 V
Current 3 mA
Audio Output Type Balanced XLR
Gender Male Contacts 3-pin
Design Finish matte black
Dimensions / Weight Height 380 mm
Diameter 13.5 mm Net Weight 160 g

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