ALUTRUSS BILOCK E-GL22 290 pikalukittava

BILOCK E-GL22 290 pikalukittava 2-pistetrussi pituus 290mm, putkien välinen ulkomitta 290mm, putken halkaisija ja seinämävahvuus 50 x 2mm, ja 20 x 2mm, paino 1,8kg
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BILOCK E-GL22 290 2-way Cross Beam

BILOCK E-GL22 is a 2-point truss system made of aluminium.

The individual elements are connected via two cones, pivots and pins.

The advantage of the conical connection system is that the cones completely fit into the main chords so that highest load capacity is guaranteed.
The Quick-Lock system enables fast, efficient and highly aesthetic assembly when the truss constructions are frequently assembled and dismantled.

The two main chords are made of 50 mm aluminium tube with 2 mm wall thickness and offer a good relation between strength and weight.
The braces have a diameter of 20 mm with 2 mm wall thickness and leave enought space for installing couplers, hooks and clamps.

With 290 mm outer dimensions, BILOCK E-GL22 is a stable truss system for higher loads and extended durability.
This system is mainly designed for intense use in stage installations, fair installations, event installations but also for permanent installations in discotheques and theatres.

Its polished surface makes this universal system a real eyecatcher.
Due to its wide range of standard system lengths, corners, circles and accessory, this system is highly versatile and offers unlimited design possibilities.

The documentation of this truss system is closely related to the Sandard SQ P1 "Trussings" puplished by the Privity of the Administration Industry (igvW).

Please note: this truss system must never be combined with other systems!

1 x Connection set included

Outer dimensions: 290 mm
Main chord: 50 x 2 mm
Braces: 20 x 2 mm

Dimensions: 240 mm (center - center)

Length 290 mm
Weight: 1,8 kg
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