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Auditorion ja luentosalin äänentoistoksi sopii erinomaisesti tyylikkäät kolumnikaiuttimet, jotka kattavat upeasti isommankin salin. Langattomat mikrofonit ja langaton äänensiirtojärjestelmä on tarpeen.

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Scenario: Lecture Hall, 220-4002

Customer requirements:

PA application to cover the entire lecture hall as well as providing high speech intelligibility
Excellent sound quality, even at higher volume levels
Flexible and multifunctional use of the entire PA system
Wireless media playback via laptop or other portable audio players
Connection of a headband microphone for the speaker


The high-end column speakers ETS-360TW/WS impress with an incredibly dynamic and complete sound, ensure highest speech intelligibility at any listening position and thus allow for attentive listening, even for several hours.

Due to a precise sound radiation and a frequency range optimised for music, the column speaker ETS-360TW/WS is a speaker system which is suitable for versatile applications: for lectures, panel discussions as well as official parties with background music.

It is also possible to establish a wireless connection between laptop and audio system via Bluetooth audio receiver WSA-10BT, if required.

As the last step of signal amplification, the preamplifier PA-1414MX and the power amplifier PA-2240 ensure a perfect sound.

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