Austrian Audio CC8 condenser microphone


Technology and materials evolve over time. New ideas, new thinkers, and new users emerge. Austrian Audio has developed microphones that are ready for modern recordings while still providing those timeless tones everyone seeks. The small-diaphragm CC8 condenser microphone, featuring a cardioid pattern, is handcrafted in Vienna and specifically designed for professional use.

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The Austrian Audio CC8 microphone is powered by the brand-new OCC7 condenser capsule. Inspired by the legendary CK1 but updated to meet today's demands, the OCC7 offers all the advantages of that classic, reshaped for the future. The capsule's 3-micron-thick, gold-sputtered polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) membrane is far more durable than traditional Mylar options. This modern material delivers uniform, broadband attenuation from the sides while ensuring an excellent cardioid pattern. The OCC7 capsule and transformerless design ensure an unusually linear frequency response and high sound pressure handling (up to 156dB) without distortion in the CC8. Coupled with an extremely low self-noise of 16dB(A), this results in a remarkably wide dynamic range. The CC8 maintains a natural and open sound even at high volumes without becoming harsh or edgy. The midrange and high frequencies are silky smooth without any added emphasis. It excels in capturing rapid transients and spatial nuances needed for precise recordings. Small-diaphragm microphones are particularly popular for recording acoustic instruments in classical music and jazz. String instruments, wind instruments, orchestral percussion, acoustic guitar, piano, snare drum, hi-hats, and even an entire drum kit (in an overhead setup) fit perfectly within the CC8's versatile repertoire. Its convenient size aids placement in challenging spots, both in live performances and in the studio. With the PAD switch (0dB, -10dB, and -20dB), the microphone can be positioned close to loud sound sources like trumpets without fear of distortion. The switchable bass cut filter at 60Hz/120Hz (2nd order) effectively attenuates rumble and wind noise. For quieter sounds such as delicate string instruments or vocals, the CC8's low self-noise helps capture all nuances of the performance clearly. Before leaving the factory, each microphone is measured and tuned to within +/- 0.5 dB (1 kHz) accuracy, allowing you to acquire a second microphone at any time regardless of the manufacturing date for a seamless pair.

CC8 Technical Specifications:

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz

Sensitivity: 15 mV/Pa

Self-Noise: 16 dB SPL (A)

Max SPL: 156 dB SPL

Bass Cut Filter: 60 Hz (2nd order), 120 Hz (2nd order)

Switchable PAD: -10 dB, -20 dB

Impedance: 275 Ω (balanced)

Load Impedance: > 1 kΩ

Phantom Power: 48 V (< 3 mA)

Dimensions: 140 x 23 x 23 mm Weight: 160 g

Included in the package: CC8 microphone, OCH8 microphone mount, CCW8 windscreen, carrying case.

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