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Skenaario: Baari 150-270 m2

Baari ja yökerho käyttöön meiltä löytyy todella laaja valikoima vaihtoehtoja, kun haluat laadukasta ääntä tasaisesti toistettuna eri alueille. Taustamusiikkia loungeen ja sisäänkäynnille, tanssilattialle tuhtia bassoa ja kirkkaita ylätaajuuksia riittävällä äänenpaineella.

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Scenario: Bar 150-270 m2

Customer requirements

  • Flexible mutli-zone control for individual music reproductions in the three zones
  • Unobtrusive background music for the lounge area which should not disrupt ongoing conversations and also allows you to order drinks at the bar without any problems
  • Bass-heavy music of higher volume levels on the dancefloor
  • Unobtrusive background music for the bar and sanitary facilities
  • Music reproduction from CD, MP3 file or USB storage medium
  • Connection facility for various external audio sources such as tablet PC, smartphone and laptop


In addition to unobtrusive and decentral background music for the bar and lounge area as well as for the sanitary facilities, the system must also ensure a powerful sound with a high level stability on the dance floor.

In order to ensure a suitable PA application for each individual zone, we have implemented a multi-room solution with a total of 3 zones.

The speakers EUL-60/SW radiate pleasant background music to the bar and lounge area which still allows you to hold a conversation. In the sanitary facilities, we have used the ceiling speakers EDL-10TW/WS to provide quiet background music without appearing dominant or obtrusive.

The speakers PAB-308/SW and a subwoofer PSUB-12AKA ensure a lively ambience on the dance floor and the zone mixer MPX-4PA distributes the input signals to each of the 3 zones.

In addition to the reproduction from CDs, the connected audio player CD-122 is also able to replay MP3 files from USB storage media or SD cards. Two mono power amplifiers PA-900S each provide 1 x 120 W for the connected speakers.

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