CROWN XLS-1502 päätevahvistin 2x 525W 4ohms


XLS-1502 päätevahvistin 2x 525W 4ohms, 2x 775W 2ohms, Ultrakevyt XLS DriveCore päätevahvistin. Sisäinen säädettävä jakosuodin ja huippulimitterit. Ultrakevyt; paino vain 3,9kg . XLS DriveCore on kokonaan uusi D-luokan vahvistinsarja edulliseen hintaluokkaan.

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Meet the new XLS DriveCore™ 2 Series

The next generation of XLS got a makeover with a sleek new look, a LCD display that is three times larger, and more DSP with higher capabilities. Like its predecessor, the new XLS is ultra-efficient with Crown’s patented DriveCore technology and can drive 2400W at 4? bridged with tons of headroom guaranteeing a clean, undistorted signal straight to your speakers. The XLS DriveCore 2 assures that you will be heard as you deliver a powerful, pure sound experience for any venue.


Class D amp with Crown's ultra-efficient DriveCore technology weighs less than 11 lb
•Higher DSP capabilities: More control; has band pass filter per channel
•Increased lighting functionality; turn off all LED indicators except clip and thermal to reduce distraction in dark venues
•Selectable input sensitivity; 1.4Vrms and .775Vrms options so that amp can be driven at full power
•Set sleep mode after specified time without having to press a button
•Security setting disables menu buttons; menu locked/unlocked by entering combination
•System reset allows factory settings to be restored
•Remote power trigger
•Peakx™ Limiters provide maximum output while protecting your speakers
•XLR, 1/4", RCA inputs provide flexibility
•Integrated PureBand™ Crossover System for better performance and control
•Efficient forced-air fans prevent excessive thermal buildup

XLS Series with Integrated DriveCore™ Technology

Sensitivity 1.4Vrms
Frequency Response +0dB, -1dB
Signal to Noise >103dB (at .775Vrms, 6dB lower)
Intermodulation Distortion < 0.3%
Damping Factor > 200
THD < 0.5%
Crosstalk At 1kHz: > 85dB, At 20kHz: > 55dB
Dimensions 19" (48.3 cm) x 3.5" (8.9 cm) x 7.7" (19.6 cm)
Weight 8.6 lbs (3.9 kgs)

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