DAP-AUDIO ASC-202 stereo linja-muunnin muuntaa

ASC-202 stereo linja-muunnin muuntaa kuluttaja-laitteiden RCA signaalin ammattitason XLR linjasignaaliksi ja takaisin. Toisella puolella laitetta on kaksi XLR sisäänmenoa sekä stereo RCA ulostulo. Toisella puolella on stereo RCA sisäänmeno sekä kaksi XLR ulostuloa. Molemmilla puolilla on tasosäätimet. Yksi mahdollinen käyttötarkoitus on tasonsäätö balansoiduissa audiolinjoissa. Mitat: 53 x 158 x 135 mm Paino: 0,65 Kg
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DAP-Audio ASC-202 2 Way Stereo Converter

The ASC-202 converts consumer level stereo RCA signals to balanced XLR professional line level, and back. One side of the unit, has two XLR inputs and stereo RCA outputs. The other side has stereo RCA inputs and two XLR outputs. Each side has stereo level controls. A possible application of the SC-13 is to use it as a level control in balanced audio lines.

The DAP Pro Audio Solutions are a complete line-up of audio tools for the professional musician or audio engineer. It is a series of audio modifying tools like mini-mixers, pre-amps and converters available in active or passive models. All audio solutions are designed to meet the highest stage and audio demands and feature a metal road proof housing with rubber feet and easy accessible controls. The units also have a small footprint which make them ideal to be used and placed in any environment where space is critical.


Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Inputs: XLR/Jack Combo, RCA
Outputs: XLR male, RCA
Input sensitivity RCA in: -10 dBv
Input Impedance RCA in: 10 kOhm
Input sensitivity XLR/Jack in: +4 dBu
Input Impedance XLR/Jack in: 20 kOhm
Output voltage RCA Out: -10 dBV
Output Impedance XLR Out: 100 Ohm
Output voltage XLR Out: +4 dBu
Output Impedance XLR Out: 200 Ohm
Power supply: 18V AC (adapter included)
Dimensions: 53 x 158 x 135 mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 0,65 Kg
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