DAP-AUDIO ELI-101 häiriönpoistaja xlr-liittimin maaerotin


ELI-101 häiriönpoistaja xlr-liittimin on täydellinen työkalu ratkaisemaan humina, pörinä ja maalooppi ongelmat ammattimaisessa audioketjussa. Laite on virraton joten sitä voidaan käyttää kaikialla ilman virransyöttöä. Laite on varustettu XLR-liittimin jotka takaavat aina luotettavan ja kestävän liitoksen. Mitat: 53 x 158 x 120 mm Paino: 0,72 Kg

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DAP-Audio ELI-101 Stereo Hum Eliminator

The ELI-101 is the perfect tool to solve all hum, buzz and ground loop problems in a professional audio chain. It is a non-powered solution which means it can be applied at all places without the need of an power outlet. It is equipped with XLR connectors which will always secure reliable connections.

The DAP Pro Audio Solutions are a complete line-up of audio tools for the professional musician or audio engineer. It is a series of audio modifying tools like mini-mixers, pre-amps and converters available in active or passive models. All audio solutions are designed to meet the highest stage and audio demands and feature a metal road proof housing with rubber feet and easy accessible controls. The units also have a small footprint which make them ideal to be used and placed in any environment where space is critical.


Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Inputs: XLR Male
Outputs: XLR Female
Dimensions: 53 x 158 x 120 mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 0,72 Kg

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