ELED HDMI 2x2 4K eARC Matrix


4K HDMI Matrix

Bi Directional  |  4K  |  ARC / eARC  |  Supports Sonos ARC  |  Dolby Vision

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  • HDMI splitter bi-directional 4K 60Hz: HDMI splitter 6.5 cm² out or HDMI switch 2 input to 2 outputs for HDMI with Ultra HD 4K support. This splitter reliably switches two HDMI source signals to two HDMI outputs. Especially if you have TVs, eARC does not support. You can use this splitter to emulate an eARC port and transmit high-quality Atmos sound to your soundbar. One 4K TV and 1080P TV, supports 4K and 1080P output simultaneously. CEC is to HDMI OUT 1
  • HDMI Splitter eARC Scaler EDID KEY USAGE: Output 2 supports ARC/eARC for soundbar when the Out2 switch is set to "Soundbar Mode (ARC/eARC)". HDMI source devices to HDMI splitter input. Each display (monitor or projector) to the HDMI splitter output, adjust the scale via the panel button, turn on the scaler, and output a 1080P signal. Turn off the scale position to pass the signal through; adjust EDID via the panel button. Choose 4K7.1/4K5.1/4K2.1/COPY audio/video formats. Please use a good HDMI 2.0 cable 3M-5M
  • Video Audio with Optical SPDIF: HDMI Splitter, Video 4K @ 60Hz, 1080p @ 120Hz, 3D, 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz, 1440p @ 60Hz, HDR, D-olby Vision, Bypass HDCP2.2, HDCP2.3 Bypass 8bit 18 GGbit/s. HDMI OUT supports D-olby Digital 7.1CH, SPDIF and L/R stereo audio can be separated independently from the speaker amplifier. SPDIF port only supports 5.1 channel. If the sound is set over 5.1 channel, no sound will come out from the L/R output. Please use HDMI output for 7.1 channel. 2 different channels cannot be output
  • Wide compatibility: plug and play, no driver. 4K HDMI 2-way splitter, game consoles such as PS5, PS4, Ninten-do Switch, Fire TV, Sonos Arc, Sqy Q, Roku Ultra, Nvidia Shield, Xfinity Box, Game Video Capture, Xbox One S, Xbox X, Apple TV, Chrome-cast, Google TV, etc.
  • Note: Does not support VRR, 4K@120Hz, upscale. HDR D-olby Vision (4K60 4:2:2), do not downscale VRR. Does not convert HDR to SDR. To get both D-olby Atmos and D-olby vision, please make sure both TV and receiver support them. No audio down mixer.
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