ENTTEC E-streamer Mk2 Extra 8-Universe License


E-streamer Mk2 Extra 8-Universe License , ei hardware vain lisenssi 

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Do more with your E-Streamer

Add more universes to your E-Streamer to be able to record and playback multiple universe in a single show.

Tekniset tiedot

Stream multiple Universes

Configurations from 4 to 64 universes available. Multiple universe recording and simultaneous recording while playing other shows also possible. Each Show has it’s own settings, and there’s no limit to the number of shows you can create.
Simultaneous show playback

Unlimited simultaneous show playback (HTP merging between shows). SD Card for show storage (included)
Smart Web based Control

Control and configuration using built-in web interface (smartphone compatible). Web-based mastering of shows permitted during playback. A custom Show Control screen available, designed for ease of use and compatible with any device with a browser.

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