Europalms Halloween ghost tree 170cm


Europalms Halloween ghost tree - 170cm

|  Create a spooky atmosphere Hollow  Suitable for outdoor and indoor use  |  Height: 1,70 m  Weight: 16,7 kg 

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With the majestic ghost tree, you can create a spooky atmosphere at your horror party or for your Halloween decoration.
Thanks to the handmade manufacturing, each tree is unique and convinces with a detailed design of the bark structure and a scary creepy face in the middle of its trunk. The 1.70 meters tall artificial tree trunk is made of fiberglass and branches upwards into four branch stubs of different lengths. Attached to these are a few skinny branches with leaves made of textile.
In the hollow tree trunk, which is closed at the top, a small fog machine or a small spotlight (not included) can be placed without any problems. This special effect makes the notches and furrows in the bark stand out even better and the hollow eye openings of the tree ghost look extra creepy.

Complete your personal ghost tree with further accessories like spiders and spider webs - there are no limits set to your creativity.

Ghost tree for indoor and outdoor decoration

  • Tree made of glass fiber
  • With single textile leaves
  • Artificial trunk
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Technical specifications:

Trunk: Artificial trunk
Trunk: Artificial trunk
Material: Fiber glass
Season: Halloween
Dimensions: Height: 1,7 m
Weight: 16,70 kg
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