EUROPALMS Kevytsora mustaherukka


Kevytsora decoa ruukkuihin ja muihin kohteisiin, väri mustaherukka 5,5 litran astia, paino 4,1kg

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Quality makes the difference!

Expanded clay beads from Europalms complement your decoration both in the professional area of object design, decoration and floristry as well as in your private living space.
Set accents with the coloured clay granulate or use it as cover for pots and plant troughs, as filling material for glass vases and plant bowls or as litter decoration for counter and table decorations.
The coloured expanded clay balls have a diameter of 1-4mm and are supplied in a 5.5 litre bucket with a practical, resealable lid.

EUROPALMS Hydroculture substrate, cassis, 5.5l bucket

The perfect filling to fix plants
Hydroculture Substrate
Color: cassis
5.5 liter bucket

Material: Expanded clay balls
Color: Brown
Weight: 3.80 kg

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