Global Truss Rigslap set of 10


Quick and easy way to make your truss look tidy!

Quick and easy wiring  |  For routing or bundling  |  Rubberized surface  |  Reusable

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RIGSLAP - your innovative solution to cable management! Designed to streamline cable routing or bundling on a truss, RIGSLAP is the definitive tool to enhance your wiring tasks.
Say goodbye to complicated cable arrangements. With a simple "slap" of our rubber-coated RIGSLAP, cables are securely affixed to the truss, preventing any possible slippage. Reusable, clever and efficient - RIGSLAP makes your wiring tasks look easy.
But the benefits of RIGSLAP extend beyond its functional attributes. Every RIGSLAP purchased is an investment in a brighter future. All profits from RIGSLAP sales are donated to the Marvin-Puchmeier-Foundation.
With RIGSLAP, you're not just improving your wiring - you're also making a significant contribution to supporting underprivileged young individuals
Dimensions (L/B/H) 250 x 60 x 30 mm
Weight 0,21 kg
PU 1
EAN 4251665072741
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Valmistajan TuotenumeroRIGSLAP
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